GAA Injury Scheme

The GAA mandatory scheme provides benefit to Commercials members playing Hurling and Camogie and to club personnel performing designated duties.

For full details you should check the GAA website GAA Injury Scheme

Claims Procedure
Although Claim Forms may be available in the club, we strongly recommend you download the very latest form from the Insurers official site. Latest Claim Form 

Read the form and then note carefully the sections that apply to you and the supporting documentation that will be required.

If there is an injury during a match, this should be reported to the referee, so he can place this in his Ref Report.  

All claims should be to be reported to Club Secretary as soon as possible after the injury has occurred. They must sign the form and forward to the County Secretary who will also stamp the form, stating this was an insured game and the form will need to be forwarded to Willis within 60 days of date of the injury. Please note claims reported after 60 days will not be processed.

If you have private health insurance you will be required to use that cover and not the GAA Player Injury Scheme.  Please note if your health insurance does not cover you you must get a note from your insurer stating this.

Fully completed claim form in particular sections A E and F together with all relevant supporting documentation should be signed and validated by you before forwarding to Club Secretary. 

Obligations on clubs regarding insurance of players, match officials [referees, umpires and linespersons] and members involved in managing and coaching teams.


(a)Insurance cover


Rule 23.3 of the Official Guide Part 1 states:


Each club must ensure and be satisfied that its playing members, members who officiate at games and members involved in managing/coaching teams are covered by insurance. Any member not insured may not play, officiate at games or manage/coach teams.


Each club is obliged to comply with this rule which also includes a check that people in the club are correctly registered on the Servasport registration system.  


Clubs should also check the detail of the club/ or members’ insurance cover to establish the extent of the cover for players, match officials, managers e.g. does the cover extend to all officially sanctioned Hurling and Camogie games and training. If the club has an insurance policy in place it should consider communicating the insurance cover details to relevant parties e.g. players, match officials and managers/coaches.


It is advisable that Units in charge of representative teams e.g. County or Provincial teams also verify the insurance cover of people representing them in a games’ context.


(b)Insurance cover and challenge/tournament games


Rule 23.3 of the Official Guide Part 1 states:


In order that all fixtures other than official fixtures are recognised for insurance purposes notification must be given on the following basis:


• To the County Board when both teams are within the County;


• To the relevant County Boards and Provincial Council when teams are from different Counties;


• To the relevant County Boards, Provincial Council and National Fixtures Administrator when teams are from different Provinces or International. Notification to hold or participate in fixtures other than official fixtures must be sent by email by the relevant Secretaries prior to the date of the proposed fixture.


Approval to host inter-county underage blitzes will be provided by the Director of Camogie Development.


Permission must be requested by a date specified by the Ard Stiúrthóir each year.


Each Unit is obliged to comply with this rule.


Please be aware that failure to comply may have implications in how an insurance company considers a claim, in the event of a claim arising from a fixture that may not be deemed official.


Please find forms and details pertaining to Insurance procedures while engaged with a Camogie club.

For further information or for assistance please contact info