Playing Rules - U11-U12 Camogie

Teams:All games should be a maximum of 12-a-side, 13 for panels of 16 or more
Coach/mentor encouraged to rotate positions at half-time.
Pitch Dimensions:Maximum length of 105M (20m to 20M line)
Duration:Minimum 10 min to maximum 20-25 min per half.
Equipment:Goalposts Well secured goalposts; Minimum 8ft x 6ft to maximum 15ft x 7 ft. Sliotar Size 3 Smart Touch Full camogie gear to be worn for all matches (jersey/skorts or skirts /socks/ helmet)
Outfield Play:Normal rules except One hop of ball only on hurley is permitted Catch, Lift into the hand and strike or ground strike at all times. After a score ball is thrown in from half way line. All other players must stand 10m away from player taking. Shoulder charging not permitted. Ball may be kicked once but not in succession
Goalkeeper:Catch, Lift into the hand and strike or Ground Strike at all times and may use leg to block/save. No hop/solo.
Frees:Player who is fouled or nearest fouled ball takes. Sideline; Player nearest ball when crosses line takes, taken from the ground ‘45’s’; Player who last strikes the ball on attacking team takes from halfway line, in line where ball crosses end line. All opposing players should be at least 10m from player taking. Free pucks should be no closer than 20m from opposing end line.
Scoring:1 point for over crossbar and 3 points for goal. No rectangle rules apply