Playing Rules - U8 Camogie

Teams:All games should be a maximum of 8-a-side. A club/school/community team with 10 or more players should make two or more teams to play in games, where possible. Coach/mentor encouraged to rotate positions at half-time.
Pitch Dimensions:45m x 30m - Make pitch smaller, if appropriate.
Zones:2 Zones - Pitch split with cones across at halfway.. Players must remain within the zone to which they are assigned
Duration:Minimum 6 min to maximum 12 min per half.
Equipment:Goalposts Well secured goalposts; Minimum 8ft x 6ft to maximum 15ft x 7 ft. Sliotar Size 1 First Touch Full camogie gear to be worn for all matches (jersey/skorts or skirts /socks/ helmet)
Outfield Play:All on the ground. No kicking the ball. Commence With Puck Out from hand or ground or throw in. After a score ball is thrown in from half way line All other players must stand 10m away from player taking Shoulder charging not permitted No kicking the ball
Goalkeeper:Catch, Lift into the hand and strike or Ground Strike at all times and may use leg to block/save. No hop/solo.
Frees:Player who is fouled or nearest fouled ball takes. Sideline; Player nearest ball when crosses line takes. ‘45’s’; Player who last strikes the ball on attacking team takes from halfway line, in line where ball crosses end line. All taken from the ground Referee chooses player nearest/last struck to take free. All opposing players should be at least 8m from player taking. Free pucks should be no closer than 10m from opposing end line.
Scoring:1 point for over crossbar and 1 point for goal.