Playing Rules - U9 Hurling

Under 9 Hurling - Go-Games Rules



To consolidate the basic technical skills developed at age 7/8 level (grip, ground strike and stop) in an environment where players are also encouraged to strike from the hand and develop tactical awareness/prowess i.e. decide on the best option in terms of making use of and/or creating time and space

Playing Rules

  • Play to commence with a throw in from the centre.
  • Side-to-Side charge is permitted.
  • Start the games with ground hurling. The second ten minutes in each half players may lift the ball into the hand. Hand passing is allowed at this time.
  • Solo running with the sliotar on the hurley is not permitted.
  • Goalkeeper to restart play after a score or wide with a puckout
  • The goalkeeper is permitted to catch or lift the sliotar into the hand with the hurley and take 4 steps before striking it
  • Free pucks to be taken off the ground (1st 10mins) and from the hand (2nd 10mins) from where the foul occurred.
  • Player who is fouled to take the free
  • ‘65’s’ are awarded. All are taken as a free puck (from the hand) 32m out from where the ball crossed the line.
  • Goalkeeper to advance 10m for puck out after score or wide.
  • Opposing players to be at least 10m away from the player taking free puck, sideline puck or puck out.
  • Players are allowed ONE kick of the ball on the ground, but no score can be kicked


Scoring System

  • 3 point when the sliotar is played over the crossbar.
  • 1 points when the sliotar is played under the crossbar.
  • Skill Point for Overhead Catch (Ball must be struck from hurley for a minimum of 10m)


Time Duration

  • 40 minute games
  • 20 minutes per half.
  • 1 game per occasion.


Playing The Game

  • 9 v 9
  • (65-70m) X (40-45m)
  • 1 goalkeeper, 3 defenders, 2 midfielders, 3 attackers
  • All players to wear a helmet with full facial protection.
  • Teams are to be streamed according to ability.
  • 2 Zones
  • Players must remain in the zone to which they are assigned with the exception of midfielders.
  • All players rotate positions after each half



  • Well-secured portable goal posts (10’ X 6’ or 3M X 1.8M)
  • Jerseys
  • Three Quick Touch (Size 2) sliotars - one placed behind each goal and one in play

Recommended Playing Area