Lip Sync together -

May 27, 2018

Firstly congratulations to Lu Lu (Jo Anne Reilly) winner of Commercials and St. Marys Lip Sync event. In second place was Mr. Joe Dolan himself, Peter Elliott, and 3rd place went to the lovely Beyonce (Ashling Kelly Magee).

On behalf of everyone in Commercials and St. Marys I would like to thank our wonderful acts for taking part. We all know how hard it is trying to juggle family life, work, matches and training commitments but you all gave up your time to take part in this important fundraiser for the clubs.

Big thanks to Brian, Ciara and Orla for all you done putting together this fantastic show. We really do appreciate it!

Thanks to our fantastic committee,for all the hard work that went into organising the event.

To Adrian Kennedy, our M.C, to the judges Dave Young, Claudette and Colm Walsh and to Kevin Rowe, Thank you.

Thanks to Ricky Wilson who was our main sponsor and also ran an auction on the night. Thanks to everyone who sponsored an act, took out a page in our booklet or who donated to the Auction.

And most of all, to all those members and friends and neighbours who came out in such great numbers to support our acts last night. It was such a proud night for both Clubs and one that will be remembered for some time. Thank you all for making it such a wonderful night! What are we all going to do now on Sunday Nights!!! #lipsynctogether #wilsonsauctions #theparish #legends

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